Artificial Intelligence and human support to take care of your company accounts.

Let the machines do machine work: save more than 70% of your time, strip away administrative
costs and monitor business figures in real time.

Focus on growing your business!

Designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to dedicate their time to business, instead
of losing time on accounts and bureaucracy.

Save time.

Accounts registration is carried out automatically by Artificial Intelligence, 10x more productive than an employed administrator.

Save on those invisible costs.

Eliminate government-imposed fees, as well as those costs generated by you or your employees when managing the accounts and carrying out administrative tasks

Monitor your business figures.

Thanks to Business Intelligence Report, you will always have your figures under control to increase profitability.

Available functions

Optical Character Recognition

An optical reading system allows you to search through the contents of your documents to swiftly find what you are looking for.

Intelligent Document Recognition

All of the key accounts data will be automatically identified and inserted in the company accounts book.

Artificial Intelligence

By your side in day-to-day management: payment reminders, information and valuable business tips.


Create, receive and send client invoices online, saving time and avoiding error.


Download and manage payments, as well as all business expenses generated by you and your employees.

Staff management

Download payslips and P60s to staff payment in the simplest way possible.

Outgoing and incoming payments

Monitor and manage outgoing and incoming payments, keeping an eye on the company purse.

KPIs and Reports

Monitor the company figures and performance in real time.

Functions coming soon

Document monitoring carried out by human support

Thanks to monitoring carried out by professionals, your documentation will always be perfectly correct.


You will be able to manage more levels of access to Mastrobooks for your partners and employees.

An account for your accountant

Keep your accountant up-to-date and improve their quality of work with their own Mastrobooks account


Thanks to an integrated calendar, your deadlines and business activity will always be under control.

Why choose Mastrobooks

Not just accounts management: this software is truly a business partner which automates all data input, payment management and monitoring for your company.

Download and automatically read documents.


Don’t waste your and your employee’s precious time on data input.  Thanks to our technology, you will be able to automate all of your accounts procedures, sending company documents by email or downloading them as a PDF (or a photo on your smartphone). This includes invoices, expenses, payments and accounting documents of any type.

Monitoring the figures and growth of your business.


Finally, every entrepreneur’s dream has come true! Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to monitor the performance and figures of your business in real time. Over time, Mastrobooks will teach itself to predict the growth trends of your business and help you to manage resources and increase revenue generation opportunities.